Disposable Liners for Cloth Nappies Bamboo and Flushable

Add disposable liners to your cloth nappies to simplify nappy changing. A disposable flushable liner catches solids. You can flush the liner and solids away in the toilet. Then you can wash the cloth nappy and insert.

You will then have more time to relax when your baby is asleep. Also you will have extra time to get your tasks completed. A little baby often takes a lot of your time.

Disposable bamboo nappy liners are soft and naturally organic since bamboo grows without pesticides and is renewable.

The disposable bamboo liners come in rolls of 100. You can easily separate along the perforated edge.

Although these bamboo disposable nappy liners are very fine and flushable, you should only flush the soiled liners. This protects the sewerage system. It is best to keep flushing of liners to a minimum.

Do not use flushable liners in a septic system but you can still use them to protect your nappy and insert.

Try these eco-friendly flushable bamboo liners.