Nappy Bag Waterproof Drawstring Baby Drawstring


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Drawstring waterproof bags for baby nappies or for swimming. Excellent for wet togs and towels and soiled MCNs.

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Drawstring Nappy Bag for Nappies and Swimmers

A nappy bag is perfect for carrying wet nappies or wet swimmers.

Since it is quite small, a nappy bag is excellent to keep in your handbag or your child’s school bag until needed.

Only Baby Doll Peace is available.

Cloth nappies and inserts, disposable nappies and swimmers can all go into your wet bag. In addition, you can use your wet bag for damp or soiled clothing

This drawstring wet bag will fit 3-4 cloth nappies and inserts. Also the wet bags are handy for disposable nappies.

A wet bag is very useful for wet swimmers. Hence, your child can take one for swimming lessons at school. This gives extra protection from dampness. A bag will fit togs and towel.

In addition, the wet bags are useful for overnight washing of underwear and small items when you are traveling.

Size : Approx 30cm x 29cm

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